Capturing your online slot play

Recording your screen can be free or it can get a little expensive. You can record with your phone which is generally bad quality video and sound or your camera which is slightly better or you can screen capture which is recommended.

While phone and camera video can be good, screen capturing is the best, it also comes with its downsides ie, it can really eat up your computers system resources (Memory, GPU and CPU power) leaving playing sometimes laggy. So finding the right way to record for you makes sense, but its not all doom and gloom with screen capturing.

These days you can walk into a computer shop and walk out with a reasonably priced computer or laptop that can handle even the best screen capturing software which will record in high quality HD, but that isn’t necessary as you can use a lower end recording software which can give an almost equal recording with with no impact on your slot game time being laggy.

So here are our choices of screen capturing software from expensive to free, you do get what you pay for and there are plenty of guides online to help you get the most out of them.

There are alot more screen capturing ways out there but those would be our choice.

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